HydroPro Solutions has partnered with Syrinix as its sole partner for providing the exclusive Syrinix Intelligent Pipeline Monitoring family of solutions.

Founded in 2004, the award-winning Syrinix has grown to become a leader in the development and delivery of intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions. The ability to monitor pipelines and distribution systems at a level that exceeds traditional SCADA and logger technology is the foundation for empowering utilities to extend their capabilities dealing with system operations, maintenance, and notifications. Utilities finally have the ability to become truly pro-active in the operation and maintenance of their piping networks.

Syrinix solutions provide utilities with the ability to improve the risk management of water pipeline, moving from reactive to active on a highly cost-effective basis.

  • PipeMinder-T is the next generation of automated critical trunk main monitoring solution for leak detection and risk management through the high sample rates, as well as high resolution pressure and flow data capabilities. PipeMinder-T provides additional network insights by monitoring anomalous behaviour, network stresses, bursts* and pressure transients.
  • PipeMinder-S provides and innovative single technology solution for monitoring anomalous behaviour, network stresses, bursts, pressure transients and negative spikes, most of which are often invisible at lower resolution with basic logging devices. Installed across a network, PipeMinder-S provides an innovative single technology solution for monitoring anomalous behaviour, most of which are often invisible at lower resolution with basic logging devices. PipeMinder-S enables utilities, for the first time, to better understand and manage their networks efficiently and effectively.
  • PipeMinder-C, the latest innovation from Syrinix, that transforms utilities' insight into events on -collection systems and force sewer mains. The PipeMinder-C works 24/7 to provide high resolution data to wastewater operators that can now identify previously unseen events, which can and will lead to failures with significant financial, environmental and reputational implications.

Accessing this information is managed through a cloud hosted software package accessible through a web browser on any device.

This application is known as RADAR (Real Time Analysis of Data and Asset Risk). This application is designed for efficient deployment of the right mix of Syrinix monitoring units to best meet your utilities needs. No need for expensive custom programming, or dedicated equipment to access this information.

HydroPro Solutions is your partner to further provide this exclusive technology.

Please contact us so we may discuss how we may become your partner for the Syrinix Intelligent Pipeline Monitoring Solution.