Providing Water Utilities with Advanced Cyber Security Protection Through 7/24 Network Monitoring

Recent Public Infrastructure Cyber Attacks in Texas

Cooke Country Sheriff's Office - July 6th, 2020 - RANSOMWARE
City of Austin Government and Police Websites - June 4th, 2020 - WEBSITE TAKEDOWN
City of Garrison - Feb 12th, 2020 - RANSOMWARE
City of Waco Water Dept - Dec 11th, 2019 - CUSTOMER CREDIT CARD BREACH
City of Robstown Police - Sept 13th, 2019 - RANSOMWARE (one of 22 others hit across Texas)

The Threat - Today's need for advanced cyber security protection is paramount. Cyber risk is one of the top threats facing businesses and critical infrastructure in the United States and worldwide. The water and wastewater sector are especially vulnerable to a wide variety of cyber-attacks due, in many cases, to a shortage of existing cybersecurity measures as well as the lack of awareness of just how vulnerable the industry is to attack. This situation makes the risk of loss so much greater. The impact of any attack can be significant ranging from critical data being ransomed to assaults on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) of the utility.

The Solution - As part of a comprehensive cybersecurity posture, utilities must incorporate solutions that acknowledge the fact that in many cases, existing resources are limited, whether they be financial, human or technical. Simple, easy to manage and cost-effective security solutions that do not require on-site cyber security expertise are essential to any utility seeking to mitigate risk. These solutions must be able to protect critical infrastructure and in the event of an attack, also be able to straightforwardly and quickly identify assets under attack and easily explain what steps should be taken to mitigate such attack BEFORE any damage is done.

HydroPro Network Threat Detection (NTD) - HydroPro has partnered with Cyber adAPT to deliver a network threat detection solution specially optimized for the water and wastewater sector. This solution passively monitors all network traffic within the public utility 7/24 looking for active cyber threats as they start to penetrate the network. When a cyber-attack is identified, the system immediately alerts the utility and provides clear, easy to understand steps on how to mitigate the threat. The solution is simple to install, requires no active maintenance and automatically updates itself with the latest threat intelligence. Combining on site network detection with cloud-based machine learning and artificial intelligence, the system significantly improves any existing cybersecurity posture by providing critical protection from cyberattacks in real time.

HydroPro NTD User Experience

  • Passive sensor is easily deployed where it can see all network traffic
  • Sensor automatically connects to the cloud and starts to monitor network traffic
  • When a threat is detected alerts are sent automatically via email and/or text
  • The alert simply provides the nature of the threat and recommended actions
  • Sensor is automatically updated with latest threat intelligence