HydroPro Solutions is a proud partner of WaterSmart Software.

This proven customer self-serivce solution makes the lives of utility staff more efficient and effective.

Some of the primary capabilities of WaterSmart are:

  • Advanced leak alert algorithm detects and alerts customers about potential leaks in their home and helps identify possible sources of these leaks using the WaterSmart Customer Portal
  • The My Use Notification provides customers and utilities a tool to notify a utility customer pro-actively when their water use is higher than normal.
  • Utility customers can set their My Use Notification trigger points to alert usage milestones.
  • Customers may receive alerts and notifications by email, text and voice message.

Alerts and notifications are available and supported for utilities using reading processes ranging from AMI, AMR to Manual read.

The WaterSmart Customer Portal additionally support informative processes such as:

Interactive money-saving recommendation library, customized for each meter-class profile.
Dynamic estimates of savings potential in gallons per day (GPD) and dollars per year.
Long-term trend tracking
Highlighted local programs, events, and reminders

WaterSmart's cloud based architecture reduces operating costs, streamlines onboarding, and maintains optimal functionality at all times. The ability to provide greater communication and insight to utility customers without the requirement to add costly IT infrastructure and personnel, is a powerful benefit of the WaterSmart platform.

WaterSmart offers additional insight for the utility through analytics targeting the Protection of Revenues for the utility. One of the exciting ways this is accomplished is through the analysis of Payment Performance. One of the most common areas of revenue loss for water utilities is from delinquent or non-payment of bills. WaterSmart helps make it easier to pay through more channels and better interfaces. We also leverage our experience with behavioral psychology and normative comparisons to drive increased adoption of electronic and automatic payment solutions. Our ability to selectively and discretely target delinquent customers reduces costs of collection and improves ongoing payment performance.

Another very powerful tool that WaterSmart brings your utility is to monitor Meter Health. Meter health is another common area of revenue loss for utilities. Declining meter performance over time results in under reporting of consumption, thus leading to unbilled water deliveries. By identifying and prioritizing meter right-sizing and replacements, utilities can protect revenue and improve service quality. Doing this effectively takes a unique combination of data analysis from consumption and billing systems to effectively resolve apparent losses. WaterSmart generates actionable reports sent directly to utility staff while also helping communicate the impact on end-users.

Please allow HydroPro Solutions to work with you to learn more about implementing this powerful tool to benefit your utility and its customers.