Trimble Unity

HydroPro Solutions is proud to provide the Trimble Unity unified suite of applications for managing critical utility assets and field operations. This platform allows a utility to combine various tasks ranging from asset surveys, work orders, GIS information, and infrastructure inspection into a single work flow process utilizing consistency. This functions to create repeatable processes for maximizing employee time and resources. Additionally, this unified platform is able to interface with multiple outside software packages that specialize in these individual elements.

Solve Day to Day Operations Problems for Office Workers and Field Crews
Trimble Unity reduces costs, improves crew efficiency, reduces errors, increases communication, improves the timeliness of information and enables end to end sharing of data. The software uses a cloud hosted app to quickly and easily dispatch work to crews via a web browser. Spatial technology from Trimble and Esri enables supervisors and office work managers to quickly and easily dispatch resources directly to the right locations.

It is licensed per user and each user gets access to all of the standard apps available in the product. Supervisors and work managers can easily see who is working where, the progress of field activities and directly access the data gathered in the field when the work is complete. The multi-platform mobile app (Windows Mobile, Windows 7/8, Android and iOS) gives the field user all the functionality they need to allow them to get their work done quickly and efficiently; including location sensitive maps of the assets they are working on, the forms they need and workflow to guide them through the process. The app works on many devices including tablets and smart-phones, and when combined with Trimble ruggedized GNSS enabled mobile computing hardware it gives the field users the tools they needs to work smarter and more accurately in the field.

Please contact HydroPro Solutions so we may further show how Trimble Unity may improve your utility operations.

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