Multi Utility AMI

HydroPro Solutions is a proud Channel Partner to Aclara for the Aclara STAR AMI Solution
Today, AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) is as much about getting the data you need to power new applications and services as it is about meter reading. It's about using data-driven information to leverage your AMI investment to improve existing services and manage your Water/Gas/Electric metering and distribution system(s). It's about data that's easy to access and analytics that provide insight about resources and revenues. HydroPro Solutions is your Aclara STAR provider for AMI networks consisting of water, gas and electric.

See how HydroPro Solutions and Aclara can put your AMI data to work – at the right time, at the right level, and in sync with your business, service, and infrastructure planning – to meet your challenges. Aclara STAR AMI offers utilities a set of scalable, data-driven tools and expert services to deploy and to manage AMI-based water utility resources, as well as multi-utility functionality for water/gas utilities and water/electric utilities.

The Aclara STAR AMI platform links proven, fixed-network communications with a host of integrated product offerings and professional services that give utility teams a full suite of powerful and scalable solutions.