HydroLogix is an industrial software platform that redefines SCADA/HMI for the 21st century. This solution is designed with your utility in mind so it may be customized to your processes, utility applications and operator needs. With quick deployment, always up to date software versions, and secure data management and storage, the HydroLogix solution is capable of handling your SCADA/HMI needs today and as your utility system grows over time. All of this capability is provided without the need for initial IT equipment purchases or future ongoing IT upgrades.


HydroLogix is a web-based cloud SCADA/HMI solution allowing your utility to have the benefits of a system wide monitoring package without the need to purchase dedicated IT equipment. Additionally, this SCADA/ HMI solution insures it is always operating with the most recent update and is not affected by past or future changes to your operating system throughout your IT network. Whether you are at work, at home, or on the road - you can always be connected to the HydroLogix application via a secure login through a web browser.


HydroLogix allows you a SCADA/HMI package that will operate regardless of what version of Windows/OSX or other operating system you may utilize in your utility IT network and devices. All you need is web access and the Java based design of HydroLogix will allow you to access your application and monitor your utility system. This solution may be tailored to water distribution and/or sewer collection needs.


HydroLogix is able to provide you access to your SCADA/HMI package regardless of device, laptop, or desktop device. HydroPro Solutions provides you the a secure cloud computing environment for this application that is accessed through a secure web portal. This insures maximum data security with 256 bit encryption and your data being managed in a secure data center. This allows rapid deployment, modification, and custom tailoring to your needs.


HydroLogix will be set up and configured to your needs with customized screens, reporting, and alarming. Alarms may be customized to your field needs with multiple messaging capability through texting and email to your operators. Additionally, HydroLogix may be configured to assist you with ongoing reporting needs for required monthly and annual reports you submit to regulatory agencies. Additionally, you may configure custom levels of user access for your operators and HydroLogix users throughout your utility.